About Us


I grew up basically in my dad’s autobody shop as a child helping dad with small chores, sanding cleaning ,probably getting in the way more than anything but those were the days of no daycare. During high school I had excelled in Automotive shop class and machine welding, I had gotten a part time job at the local Chrysler dealer working there after school and during the summer in the service department changing oil and doing tuneups and teardowns. I graduated from high school with plans to go to technical school right after. However I had landed a very good government job and did not pursue the technical trade school, but kept my interest in automotive repair alive by fixing friends and relatives vehicles at home in the garage and in the driveway. A couple years later in 1991 I began renting space in a friends dads machine shop and Deluxe Motorworks was born after Revenue Canada insisted I register a name and get a business license.

Over the years I have acquired the skills to expertly restore and repair nearly every kind of vehicle old or new I have the tools to repair nearly anything from minor repairs to full on restoration.